Helpinator is a quick, easy and feature robust help authoring tool

I recently reviewed “Helpinator”, a help authoring tool, which assists people in creating help files. What I found was much more than I expected. While the market is jumping with software options and abundant bells and whistles, each also comes with their own version of sticker shock. The Helpinator product, however, included all the bells and whistles, and professional software options found in the competitive software, but there was no sticker shock!

Helpinator’s website can be found at and includes a 14-day free trial. After downloading their software I was amazed at the simplicity and fluid interaction their software offered. While many applications on the market came with a steep learning curve and hours of reading over support files for a “help” software, the makers of Helpinator created a robust solution in under 30 minutes from the point of installing their trial version.

My take-away summary is as-follows:

  • Easy to use tutorial
  • Quick learning curve (under 30 minutes)
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Image and Video support
  • Export to mobile device formats: epub and mobi
  • Compile industry standard file types: CHM, HTML, RTF, PDF and Print

Helpinator help authoring software gives an award winning punch for a pocket change price. One-user licenses start at under $250 while comparable competitive products start between $500 – 1000 dollars. What I found exceptional was the integrated glossary, keywords, code snippets and text snippets features which allowed me to create an impressive series of help files in a drastically reduced time frame with minimal effort.

Helpinator is a definite two thumbs-up!

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